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Make smarter marketing bets with Growthtrackers

You got into business because you love what you do and you’re good at it. But it’s been harder than you realized to find your best clients. You're ready to scale your business from solo to agency or from working 1:1 to working with groups.

Everyone else's ideas don't seem to work the same way for you. It's time to PROVE what will work in your business and build your own custom growth playbook.

Growthtrackers is a highly supportive membership for creative entrepreneurs learning how to make smarter marketing bets so they can stay booked.

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Growthtrackers is a paid membership that opens for enrollment once a month. Learn more about how to become a Growthtracker right here.

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What to expect

With Growthtrackers, you’ll figure out how to find your clients in repeatable, targets ways. Together, we’ll cultivate a practice of testing, tracking and tuning your marketing so you can double down on what works and ditch what doesn’t. Growthtrackers is not a course, it's a living community of practice. Your membership includes:

  • Live planning sessions held every Tuesday to support you in making progress towards your goals (12pm ET and 5pm ET)
  • Test Lab sessions every other Thursday to hone your experimentation skills so you waste less time and money and find what works faster (12pm ET and 5pm ET)
  • Techniques sessions every other Thursday to ramp up fast on techniques you can use to get visibility, get leads and get sales (12pm ET and 5pm ET)
  • Guest experts on topics ranging from choosing systems to pricing your packages to how to use speaking to drive more sales
  • Personalized guidance with included 1:1 support in the form of real time calls and Voxer communication
  • Grab and go tools like test recipes, guides and exercises you can use right away in your business

What members are saying

 “There are so many decisions that you have to make when running a business and it can feel like you’re on a constant learning curve. Lex’s personalized and supportive approach also drew me to join Growthtrackers.” —Jo Long, IO Rodeo

"As someone who generally feels overwhelmed by data (and the many stories one dataset can tell), the program has simplified and demystified where I should be looking for input to determine where my lead gen channels are, and where I can let things go to recoup time and energy" - Kari Ginsburg, Uproar Coaching

"What makes Growthtrackers different is that it isn't about a 'proven formula.' Rather, it's about developing an experimentation mindset that can adapt to all this change." — Jennifer O'Sullivan

"I'm in the process of signing another client for a last minute spot and that makes 4 websites that I've booked since joining Growthtrackers. 3 of the 4 are our more expensive packages. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the reason I am booking so many projects right now is because of the work I've done in Growthtrackers. The mechanisms are starting to work and that's really exciting for me to see." — Janna Carlson, Studio Rocket Web Design

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